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What are Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemicals produced by all animals in an effort to show prowess, aggression or to attract the opposite sex. These are Ectohormones; which simply put means that these are hormones that do not support bodily functions, but work outside the body through the sense of smell.

Pheromones are released by human beings too, and they impact the behavior of others around. For example: in the animal kingdom, pheromones are released to mark territory, to attract the opposite sex for mating, as a sign of aggression to warn another animal to back off, and even come in to play for mother child bonding.

Pheromones can be called as the most primal way of communication in the animal kingdom; these have the potential to send across many signals using nothing more than the sense of smell. The word pheromone is derived from the Greek words 'Pheran’ which means Transfer and 'Horman’ which means Excite.

Human being release pheromones as well and studies have linked these with many phenomena like sexual arousal to synchronization of menstrual cycles in women. There are 4 kinds of pheromones –

  • Releaser – Linked with sexual arousal and attraction for mating
  • Primer – Influence other phenomena like puberty, menstruation, and pregnancy as well as reproduction physiology
  • Signaler – Linked to providing information through the sense of smell
  • Modulator - Linked to altering/synchronizing functions of the body and found in sweat

Do Pheromone Sprays work?
How that you know what pheromones are, it goes without saying that you would like to know if a pheromone spray could improve the quality of your life. The answer to that question – Yes. Most pheromones are released through sweat glands, which is what gave rise to many misconceptions and people are often reluctant to buy sprays thinking they do not really want to smell like they have just walked covered in sweat out of the gym. In reality, most good pheromone sprays are designed to have active chemicals that will offer you all the benefits of pheromones, but are odorless and scentless sprays.

While you will find many pheromone sprays in the market that have been designed for men, and many actually work and even smell like good colognes, there are an equal number of good products out there for women as well. Not only will a good pheromone spray help you approach singles, it will also take away your shyness and inhibitions. The confidence pheromone spray induces in people is a great way to improve your social life. The chemicals present in a good pheromone spray will make a couple feel more intimately connected and greatly improve levels of intimacy and sexual pleasure coupled with heightened emotional bonding.

The scents in these sprays have been designed to work the way natural pheromones do in the animal kingdom. It can instigate a sense of sexual arousal, can trigger an emotional reaction in the opposite sex, and make a person have a stronger and bolder sexual presence. Basically, a pheromone spray can work like the perfect dating tool, and we cannot think of a better reason to indulge in one!

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