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Human Pheromones

Human pheromones are natural sexual messengers that are emitted by our body. These hormonal scents are very powerful yet so subtle you will not even notice they are in the air. However, pheromones can not only alter your own body language but can also draw out or evoke an almost uncontrollable response from a desired mate from the opposite sex.

The human sexual pheromones are a naturally existing sexual signal that a human can just now resist, and they can be used by both men and women to:

  • Feel sexually confident
  • Make a member(s) of the opposite sex easily aroused
  • Transform self-image and raise self-esteem
  • Feel more at ease and relaxed socially
  • Draw people and win them over without a word

Can A Subliminal Hormonal Scent Really Attract & Arouse Someone?
Have you ever felt your mood transfer and your feelings of arousal deepen just by burying your face in a lover’s T-shirt or taking a sniff your spouse’s hair? Has the distinct smell of a stranger ever held you captive? It is their scent but the powerful human pheromones that they emit that may have had such an effect on you.

According to a new exciting research, pheromones may as well the “glue” because of which many people have stayed together with the same spouse for decades. These powerful pheromones may as well be the reason you find your lover so alluring or you feel irresistibly drawn to a particular stranger. Pheromones might even be an explanation to why we are driven crazy with desire by some people, even when they have not said a word.

Humans Use Pheromones Just Like Animals Do
Pheromones are used by a wide range of animals and plants to elicit a desired behavior from potential competition, predators, prey, or especially sexual mates. Apart from mate selection, another very crucial stage of our life that human pheromones are linked to is breastfeeding. According to studies, newborns who are being breastfed can distinguish between a breast pad that their mother wears and one worn by a stranger. For this reason, babies may not feed from strangers because they recognize their mother’s pheromones.

Even Our Soul Mates Have The “Right” Pheromones
Human sexual pheromones also tend to transmit the genetic compatibility of the person emitting them, and we subconsciously react to these pheromones when picking our “soul mate.” In a recent “sweaty T-shirt” experiment, it was discovered that pheromones act as an attractant between men and women who have different genes. In other words, it was discovered that both men and women can smell genetic compatibility from pheromones and that pheromones influences human mate selection.

Experience The Power Of Pheromones
Back in the late 80s, the knowledge that pheromones exist had caused a huge buzz when colognes and perfumes claiming to contain human pheromones began to be sold. The truth is that a pheromone was indeed present in many of those formulas, but that pheromone was androstenone, which is derived from pig saliva and used by pigs to attract mates. However, the breakthrough has now occurred where you can spray a drop of human pheromones on yourself and increase your sexual attractiveness.

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