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Pheromones for men

With our synthetic male human pheromones (natures powerful aphrodisiac) you can instantly arouse, excite, attract and SEDUCE beautiful women. You will gain INSTANT sexual chemistry with women. Guaranteed. Become a MASTER at the art of seduction!

  • Attractant pheromones for men make you sexually attractive to women instantly.
  • Have beautiful women approach YOU as the pheromones work their magic
  • Have tons of eye contact and flirting, even when you least expect it
  • attractants aphrodisiac effect means more dates, more sex, more fun. Guaranteed.

Attractant will change your life and that's guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied (and we mean SATISFIED then we will give you a 100% refund of every penny paid. See our guarantee.)

We've been selling the BEST pheromone product since 1999...

We have now been selling attractant pheromones for men via this website for over 10 years! We are the oldest pheromone supplier in the country - because our product WORKS and people come back AGAIN and AGAIN.

Free E-Book with all orders...

We've got a deal with to give you a completely FREE copy of the hugely successful dating book on the art of seduction : How To Pick Up Girls. This ebook is available as a download immediately after you place your order for Attractant. It has some GREAT stuff in it, but one of the seduction techniques is worth its weight in gold. We've never seen it anywhere else, or heard of it before, but it's BRILLIANT, and combined with the power of Attractant you will be getting not just one or two, but LOADS of beautiful women calling YOU for dates. Incredible but true!

What are pheromones?

Most members of the animal kingdom (including us) manufacture and respond to pheromones. These scents that are naturally produced by glands in the body and are undetectable as a SMELL, but are strongly acted upon by our subconscious. Pheromones are a powerful aphrodisiac. Pheromones are how bees swarm to the queen from miles around to an imperceptible smell, and why male dogs go mad when a female dog "in heat" is near. Thousands of years of domestic living has dulled our ability to produce them and some people have more ability than others. These people with a naturally high volume pumping out have this invisible aura of sexualality that you've probably seen. You know when you see that real ugly guy with an incredible girl - he's either born lucky and has more natural pheromones than most - OR he's already discovered the power of Attractant!

The aphrodisiac effect:~

Pheromones not only attract the opposite sex, they also increase sexual desire. In other words applying five or six sprays of Attractant before you go out is going to SERIOUSLY increase the amount of sex you are having. Girls can't help acting on it! With Attractant pheromones aphrodisiac effect you will have a MASSIVE advantage over other men. Wear it all the time and you will be a huge success with women. (don't worry there is over 800 sprays per bottle of Attractant!)

Attractant increases the sexual desire in the women around you. We have lots of married men buying Attractant to increase the sex drive in their partners. (see our section on pheromones and marriage) That proves that it isn't just a placebo. It really works. Try it! You will not be disappointed.


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